CAE 331/513 Building Science (Fall 2019)

CAE 331/513 Building Science is the study of the physical interaction of climate (e.g., humidity, temperature, wind, sun, rain, snow, etc.) and buildings. Topics include psychrometrics, indoor air quality, indoor thermal comfort, heat transfer, air infiltration, solar insolation, and heating and cooling load calculations.

Course Syllabus

Lecture Notes

cae331_513_lecture01_intro to building science

cae331_513_lecture02_review of prereq concepts

cae331_513_lecture03_conduction part1

cae331_513_lecture04_conduction part2



cae331_513_lecture07_combined mode heat transfer


cae331_513_lecture09_thermal comfort

cae331_513_lecture10_psychrometric chart

cae331_513_lecture11_psychrometric equations

cae331_513_lecture12_intro to hvac systems part 1

cae331_513_lecture13_psychrometric processes and HVAC part1

cae331_513_lecture14_psychrometric processes and HVAC part2

cae331_513_lecture15_psychrometric processes and HVAC part3

cae331_513_lecture16_intro to hvac systems part 2

cae331_513_lecture17_intro to hvac systems part 3

cae331_513_lecture18_ventilation and IAQ part1

cae331_513_lecture19_ventilation and IAQ part2

cae331_513_lecture20_ventilation and IAQ part3

cae331_513_lecture21_infiltration natural ventilation

cae331_513_lecture22_building energy balances

cae331_513_lecture23_load calcs and energy estimation part 1

cae331_513_lecture24_load calcs and energy estimation part 2

cae331_513_lecture25_design for efficiency

cae331_513_lecture26_building codes standards and guidelines