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Three new projects awarded to the group!

I’ve had a few pieces of good news in terms of funding over the last month or so. Three new projects has been funded from a variety of organizations:

  1. “Impact of duct design on life cycle costs of residential HVAC systems” was funded by the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI). In this project, we will work with residential HVAC design and installation firms in both Austin, TX and Chicago, IL to first design and price low, medium, and high pressure duct distribution systems for a typical residential building and then model the likely impacts of those systems on energy use and life cycle costs of operating the system in a couple of climates. Continue Reading →

Moderating IIT Campus Sustainability Forum today at 12 PM

Just a quick note — I will be moderating a discussion about energy efficiency in buildings today at the October IIT Campus Sustainability Forum in MTCC from noon to 1:30 PM. On one side of the discussion will be Frank Flury, an architect and associate professor in the College of Architecture at IIT. Frank will largely be describing passive design strategies in pursuit of low-energy buildings. On the other side will be Steve Spentzas, a mechanical engineer with Siemens. Steve will be talking from the point of view of more active design strategies (e.g., higher efficiency systems and on-site electric generation equipment).

Hope to see you there!