CAE 453/553 Measurements and Instrumentation in Architectural Engineering (Fall 2018)

CAE 453/553 Measurements and Instrumentation in Architectural Engineering is a hands-on class designed to provide students with experience with energy and indoor environmental quality measurements in buildings including experimental design, data analysis, and experimental statistics. Measurements and techniques covered include: thermal performance (e.g., temperature, humidity, and heat flux); fluid flows and HVAC characteristics (e.g., velocity, pressure, and airflow rates); energy performance (e.g., current, voltage, and power draw); whole building diagnostics (e.g., envelope airtightness, ventilation performance, and duct leakage testing); and indoor air quality (e.g., tracer gas techniques, particle measurements, and gas measurements). Course combines lectures and field measurements in buildings on campus.

Note: this course was originally co-taught with Mohammad Heidarinejad in Spring 2018. 


Lecture Notes

cae553_lecture01_intro to building measurements

cae553_lecture02_intro to data acquisition and uncertainty analysis

cae553_lecture03_fundamentals temperature and humidity

cae553_lecture04_fundamentals pressure and velocity

cae553_lecture05_HVAC ventilation and CO2

cae553_lecture06_HVAC_energy electric power

cae553_lecture07_HVAC_energy heat flux and energy meters

cae553_lecture08_airflow rates

cae553_lecture09_envelope airtightness

cae553_lecture10_duct leakage

cae553_lecture11_building automation systems

cae553_lecture12_IEQ particulate matter

cae553_lecture13_IEQ gases and practical guidance